I’m having trouble with my adhesives / How do I apply my adhesives?

There are several reasons why your adhesives might not be working well:

  1. The adhesive is not aligned well, so there's less effective coverage
  2. The adhesive is not applied correctly, creating bubbles or bumps - these are areas with no adhesive coverage
  3. The adhesive, when removed from the liner, experiences some folding. If you try to "unfold" the adhesive it might have areas of poor coverage

To maximize the effectives of your adhesives, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure surface is clean and dry
  2. Remove the corner of the liner, and align it with the corner of the patch
  3. Continue removing the liner while smoothly applying the adhesive to the patch, using your finger to flatten out the adhesive - this both guarantees alignment, prevents bubbles and folding
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