I’d like to download my Checkme O2 pulse oximeter data separate from my Wesper sleep session. How do I do this?

If you've been contacted by your physician or by Wesper Support to download your Checkme pulse oximeter data, or would like to view your data separate from the Wesper app, you may follow the steps below:  

  • First, download the ViHealth app (Google Play / Apple App Store) and within the ViHealth app, follow these steps:
  • Choose local mode for ViHealth
  • Choose local mode again
  • Click “ok” if asked to approve bluetooth
  • Once the screen says “Add your device” turn the power on your pulse oximeter by pressing the button on the side of the device
  • When the device is found, the app ViHealth app will give you the option to choose an image of the Checkme
  • Choose history
  • Patiently wait for about a minute, after which the pulse oximeter device info should start uploading
  • Choose “More” which is to the right of the word “History”
  • Choose the correct date(s), time and duration of the dataset.  There may be more than one file from your sleep session, especially if the pulse oximeter had difficulties connecting during the night. 
  • Choose the icon in the top right of the screen (looks like a sideways triangle) which is next to the question mark in a circle
  • Choose CSV format
  • Click Share
  • Select the icon on the top right of screen to send data
  • If requested, send an email with the CSV file to motti@wesper.co and cc support@wesper.co


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